When you want to open a stand in AltDesain Market, then you don’t need to provide your personal bank account data. We maintain the privacy of your financial data. If you want to transact to any member interested in your item, please make further communication outside the site. We hope you do not easily provide […]

Tips to earn a large income from your stand, is to upload as many items as you have. You must post item with demo / trial versions, which will have the item tested for the full version. In addition, you should prioritize the quality of item content, such as: clear item descriptions, attractive preview images […]

Previously you must be a member first to open the booth on this site, and to become a member of this site simply by registering an account for free. Once the account is successfully registered, please visit the “My Account” page and look in the profile section at the bottom left. There will be instantly […]

If you have a fraud case in transactions with contributors from outside this site, please submit a report in the “Help & Care” section and include a description of your reasons. The action we will take after receiving a report from you by directly confirming the problem to the contributor. And if there is no […]

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