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This website is created to improve your creativity on working. Here provides a variety of quality and original file resources that you can download for free, and the items available here are made by contributors who are posted in their stand.

AltDesain is different from other digital marketplace sites. On this site you (contributors) just simply upload the product demo / trial to try for free by the members for the first time. And to make money, your demo products that have been tried will be purchased in full version by member if they need it. Not only that, in addition to the demo version, we provide alternate options to the contributors for make money from they stand, such as : you can offer for buy usage documents, you can offer for additional extension, you can offer for additional service , and other ways.

These contributors are not allowed to resell digital items that have been downloaded for free or have purchased them in another marketplace, because they are copyright infringement, unless the contributor has obtained permission to sell them, the contributor may redirect the post item to the marketplace link selling the item, or may include an official site link in the item description section.

Here is not available any kind of financial transaction, such as: credit balance, credit card checkout, checkout with bank account, or other direct transaction. Here is just a place to promote digitally created items individually or company, later sales of items will be managed by each contributor independently with communicating directly to members who are interested to buy item with full license.

This site only accepts donations from all users, either from members or contributors. Donated funds will be used to make this site always present to meet your work needed, also keeps this site always helps contributors in getting more incomes from digital works they have uploaded.

AltDesain Market highly respects all the copyright and security of each user’s personal data. To that end, this site is made different from others. Here you don’t hesitate to try any items available, if at any time you need to buy a fully licensed item, you just contact the owner item / stand owner to make the transaction process independently. For the cost of license fees or additional services offered by contributors can be negotiated directly to the relevant contributors.

As a form of monitoring of uploaded digital works and still helping users of this site to communicate, AltDesain Market has provided features to help users, such as: abuse report buttons, review column items, message sender buttons to contributors, help & care pages, profile details , Download reports on the contributor stand menu, and other help features that will be developed later.


More Information

If you want to know more details about the rules of downloading this site, please visit the “Download Policies” page.

If you would like to know more details about the rules of being a contributor to this site, please visit the “Submit Policies” page.

If you need any help regarding this site, please ask questions on the “Help & Care” page.



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