F.A.Q : What the Menu Function of “Edit / Submit Item” in AltDesain Market?

It is a features to add new items or edit existing items. On this page, you can find the various fields that you must fill in such as :

  • Item Cover : Represents the image cover of your item. Please provide item cover with size 720×720 pixels with .jpg format to upload.
  • Item name : It is the name of the item you are required to fill. The name of this item has a very important function in searching items within the site as well as outside the site (search engine).
  • Extended image preview (.jpeg / .jpg) : It is a feature to add image extensions that will appear in addition to cover preview images. The types of files that can be uploaded in this column is (.jpg, .jpeg, .png) and please adjust the image width by 720 pixels and you can customize the length.
  • Category for submit : Is the type of item category that will be your item will be stored in that category. Please select a category that matches the type of item you wish to upload.
  • Item tags : It is a meta tag that works in search of more targeted items. If you want your items searched easily by the members, please fill in the tags that match your item type.
  • Limited download : Is a limit that members can download, this feature can not be selected, we have set this function to be unlimited by default.
  • Source file upload (.zip) : It is a resource file that you will upload and will be stored in our database. In this function please upload the file resources with .zip format.
  • Competiable for : For this feature you can fill in how the file resources will be compatible with the intended platform. Suppose you upload a file with .psd format, then for this column you can fill “adobe photoshop cs 6” or platform that is compatible with your file.
  • Document used : In this section there is an option for you to include file use documents. If the usage document will not be shared in the file for free, or the member is required to purchase it, there is also another option for you to have the document required to purchase for use.
  • Files Type : In this section, please fill in the resource file type you have created in .zip format. Example: if you upload a photo in .jpg format which you then compress in .zip, then please fill .jpg in this field. The more you input, the better your item information.
  • Item version : Give the item version number, if you want this item you will continue to update and there will be addition of new file resource in your item. It’s better if you include a change-log version in the description section of your item.
  • License terms : It is the license terms that you can choose. May be slightly different from the general license, here we give you more variety of license terms that you can choose to make your items to match the promotion you will achieve.
  • License type : For this section, it is a license of your file type. It only consists of 3 types, namely: Trial, Demo, and Freebies. For example, if you are going to promote an item with a 7-week usage limit, you can select “Trial” in this section, and later if after 7 days a member who needs the full version will contact you directly.
  • Originality : It is the authentication of the original item you uploaded. Files must be original and not a pirated element. And there are only 2 options provided, such as: New or Update.